3 Steps To Quitting Weed

If you’re an eco-friendly, organic sort (or just love the idea of growing your own food), you might be just the type to plant some berry bushes in your yard. Why pay a fortune for a pint of organic berries at the whole foods store, when you can grow your own? They’re a perfect addition to an “edible landscape,” and, unlike with garden vegetables, you don’t have to plant them over and over again each year. These long-lived crops will grow to maturity and give you berries for years, maybe even decades, to come. It’s a bit like earning passive income in the financial world. Plant this summer and enjoy the harvest, with minimal upkeep required, for years to come.

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Barberry or wax cartridges Berberis Is a good hedge shrub with elliptical leaves and red berries moderate watering fast growing. Produces small yellow flowers. Other varieties include the Colorado and Japenese barberry. They grow about 3-5 ft height and wide.

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India Hawthorne or Rhaphiolepis indica: Very exotic looking shrub. Excellent choice for business landscapes or front yard homes. Beautiful bright pink flowers only in early spring. Can tolerate shade and moderate grower. Their are many varieties some with darker pink blooms. Anywhere from 2ft tall to 5ft tall depending on the variety. Width is about 4ft Grows up to 4ft tall and wide.

A hand fork or small trowel are great when digging out isolated wax cartridges s from your lawn. If you try to pull them out by the leaves the roots are left behind and soon the weed is back. If you haven’t got a fork or trowel, an old blunt dinner knife is good, or even a screw driver. Just be careful not to injure yourself though.

Arborvitae or Thuja Platcycladus: Desert evergreen shrub tree, or plant will grow in almost any type soil is drought tolerant with a lime green color and small blue cones. Can be used as a hedge plant or tree. Can be used as a traditional or formal landscape design. The Thuja occidentalis – can grow about 40 ft. tall and spreading to about 15-20 ft.

Take heart, in a few months Mother Nature will start working with you, rather than against you – your plants will get going and they will compete more effectively for the nitrogen compounds that are in your system.

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