4 Tips For Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Thinking

If you’re like most equestrians your horse gets impeccable care including high quality feed, hay (and/or pasture) and supplements, a regular exercise program, and proper rest and downtime. Your horse has a team of people ensuring that he/she remains in top form. Their feet are regularly maintained, they are groomed regularly, and they may even have their own massage therapist, acupuncturist, or chiropractor. And if you’re like most equestrians, you have almost none of these things for yourself.

As you make your “outside” effort to create wealth, you must also put “inside” effort. This is the repetitive power of how to think positive to increase your faith in your personal prosperity.

Fact is, the sooner you act on your ideas, the sooner you’ll know for sure which ones work and which ones don’t. And the sooner you can keep on trying different ideas until you get the results you want.

You may be practicing the most powerful goal setting, positive thinking, affirmation or creative visualization technique ever, but without faith in the method and faith in the truth that you really can change your life, it is all useless.

Once more glance at your body. It is like a map of those past building blocks. Do not think of what you wish to change at this point, just spend a moment accepting and acknowledging you again wouldn’t be YOU without this body. It’s o.k. that you are the way you are outside, because we are all beautiful on the inside. And your inner beauty was shaped by this body.

You have to trust and believe in it. You also have to recognize and appreciate your abundance at present. You have to acknowledge that they are gifts and they keep you healthy and happy. And that whatever happens, you have them to rely on and you always have to be thankful for them.

Mind movie helps you put it all together, the desire, how you describe it, what it looks like, what it feels like, with inspiring music to align the desire with your deepest, strongest feelings and emotions.

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4 Tips For Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Thinking

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