5 More Ways To Go Green & Save Money

Paper shredding is the best way to protect sensitive information from those you do not want to see it. The good news is that you do not have to buy these devices to use in your office. In fact, you will have access to a provider who will use high quality systems that can shred better. There is no need to deal with those shredding machines that just do not work. However, not all companies are the same in what they offer.

The Truth: This is completely false. Most local salvage yards are offering just.40 per pound for whole computer towers. This is less than 10% of what one can expect from high grade circuit boards per pound.

Recycle old electronics and printer cartridges. Keeping these items out of our landfill is more important than most people realize. There are several ways to dispose of these items that don’t involve throwing them away. You can save them until Jackson’s next electronics recycling Event or take ink cartridges to some of the chain office supply stores. If you subscribe to curbside recycling, check to see if your item is on the list of items they accept. Old ink cartridges are definitely on the list, and ink isn’t something we want seeping into our water supply from the landfill.

The most important reason for recycling electronics is to save our environment. Our electronics equipment contains some of the most toxic chemicals such as lead and mercury in large amounts. Though it is getting better now, for a long time most of our e-waste ended up in our landfills.

There has been a lot of talk about going green in this country. How many schools use solar energy? I seem to recall two of the schools that I have taught at had solar panels. But, they only were used to heat the water. How about finding a way in which schools could rely less on public utilities and more on producing their own energy? This might be a great science project for the students.

Regular disposable batteries for toys and other household appliances are used in many different apparatuses. Laptop batteries are of the rechargeable type, and are often also commonplace in the household. Laptop batteries are made out of a material known as nickel cadmium. These are also the types of batteries found in cell phones. Just a little known fact: these types of batteries require over fifty times the energy that they make.

This weekend offered a variety of seasonal events Whether one liked fundraising for a good cause, Indian Folk Dancing, recycling, ballet dancing, Christmas celebrations, arts and craft shows, there was plenty to do.

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