Auto Repair: Finding A Shop You Can Trust

If you own an auto repair service business and you have been looking for cash to expand, good luck. Many businesses, not just auto repair have felt the frustration of the banking woes in a way that makes it difficult for any business to get cash. Banks just aren’t lending. So little that it has turned into a major talking point for pundits, voters, and politicians on the campaign trail with many asking the gov’t to step in and somehow get money flowing to small businesses.

Owning a vehicle can be both a blessing and a curse sometimes. When it is a blessing, you don’t have any problems with the way your car runs. You get gas mileage and performance from your vehicle. On the other hand, when it seems to be a curse, it seems as if everything in the world has gone wrong. All of a sudden your car is in need of repairs. When it comes time to take your car into an auto repair facility, one of the biggest concerns on your mind is how much it is going to cost you. There are several things you can do to avoid costly repairs and protect yourself from having to spend some serious cash.

One important aspect of marketing is branding – the ability to distinguish your products and services from the competition. Look at some of the ways The Masters has done this.

This is an oversimplified demonstration, but breaking even and lowering the barrier to doing business with you is one of the easiest — yet woefully underutilized — marketing strategies there is.

Keep your car manual in your car. In fact, keep the manual and any other documentation your car may have, including details on past repairs, tune-ups and more. The more data points your Auto repair shop has to look into an issue, the better chance that they’ll be able to give you a strong idea about what is going on with your car.

With the sales invoices an audit of income becomes simple. Since the sellers keep them in a manila folder by months, you only have to pick monthly folders at random and total the actual invoices. Then compare them to what the “State Board of Equalization” report says and calculate what percentage of the total was declared. If you do this for a few months, a pattern will develop. Some sellers have even run a calculator tape of the month’s activities and/or written it in a private ledger. You can check the actual invoice tapes against the private ledger records to confirm the private ledger information is correct.

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Next time, you are looking for a car repair centre or garage for exhausts in Chelmsford or car servicing, keep all the tips in mind to make the right choice.

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