Internal Dental Marketing – Speed As An Important Factor In The Business

For a brand new dental practice, the absolute goal of dental marketing is to get people to call in for an appointment and walk through your door. Once you are getting enough patients to afford to keep the door open, you will have different goals.

If your strategy is to get traffic and exposure through blogs, nothing is better than uploading a dental marketing video. It may be short, but what is important is that the people who will view the ad can eventually become a customer. The problem is that you must also take into consideration the possibility that not all who will view will convert into sales.

6) Sponsor charitable events or start your own non-profit is easy to do. A non-profit corporation is a fantastic way to promote your favorite cause and it’s a great P.R. move. Be sure your causes are worthy or your patient’s and community’s support. Hold events at local landmarks (we just did a birthday party at the local riverfront carousel where we asked that presents not be brought and instead a donation of a winter coat in good condition OR a $5 cash donation. We ended up supplying over 50 coats to local children in need!

No. 3 – Education. Another easy one. If your patients aren’t accepting treatment and if money isn’t the problem (they drive new cars don’t they? And what about the new TV for Christmas? Get on their level!), then you need to educate them more. Do what it takes, morally, ethically and legally to move your patients to the right decision. And just ask them, “If not now, when? It’s only going to get worse, as will the pain!” I mean, with all the tools and technology at your disposal, including sedation, air abrasion, and so on, they don’t have an excuse!

I spoke to a dentist I will call “Jim” (cuz that’s his name, hi Jim!) and Jim was telling me he spends many, many thousands per month on advertising. Including on his website. Why doesn’t he get better Google rankings?

Get mailing lists of (target markets = prospective customers) and do a series of 3 mailings of postcards to them, follow up and close all leads by making appointments that then show up to your office for an exam.

So if a dentist washed his hands whilst I am inside his room, puts on new gloves right before my eyes and opened a fresh set of equipment as I am sat on the chair, that would bring relief to me as it would to millions of others.

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Internal Dental Marketing – Speed As An Important Factor In The Business

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