Smartest Babysitting Business Card Ideas – Creating Trading Cards

“Where’s the directory?” my son asks, as he realizes, yet again, that he doesn’t have the spelling words for tomorrows test. The Family Directory is a staple at many schools and churches and a must for parents. We use it to contact kids and parents in my son’s class, create birthday lists and look up addresses for Christmas cards.

You know the prospective buyer is going to want to see the home so make sure you include if the home is occupied or if it’s vacant. You will need to let them know if they will have to call for an appointment and with whom should they get in contact with.

There is also the possibility of having a decal manufacturer produce the decal you want, but that is very pricey and it won’t happen overnight. No matter what method is used, you will need to spray a clear coating over the decal to seal in the inks, dyes, etc., as they will run otherwise.

Consider adapting this belief and explore it: life never ends, your loved one lives on, and s/he is in a better place. Read about what others of all persuasions say about an after life, especially scientists. I have always liked Einstein’s quote: “The probability of life originating by accident, is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a bunting.” And, examine some of the literature about other mourners who were convinced they had a sign or message from a deceased loved one or a divine being. Find out why millions believe that no one ever dies alone or grieves alone. Discover that there is always someone there for you, your Higher Power and your loved one, who will listen.

You want everyone in your mailing list – not just those who read today’s paper – to see it. Create a nice-looking reprint and mail, e-mail or fax it to everyone you know. You heard me right, everyone. Customers and prospects aren’t enough.

While we’re on the subject of grammar, you want to make sure that piece of communication you present to the public to be completely error free. Nothing screams “unprofessional” more loudly than an ad or brochure that’s strewn with mistakes. San Antonio-based Copywriter Alan Stewart Carl put it this way: A well-designed but poorly written ad is like chocolate ice cream with sawdust sprinkles.

While my life with the PMS has had its headaches, frustrations, and general ups-n-downs, its saved my bacon countless times when the customer sees exactly how the color will look before 5,000 prints are off the press. Not to mention the press people hate it when you tell them the customer said to just “pick a red”, …they never pick right – well at least that’s what the customer says. Another reprint – there go the bonuses this year….

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Smartest Babysitting Business Card Ideas – Creating Trading Cards

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