Three Steps To Selecting A Handgun For Close Protection

Imagine yourself as a personnel manager for a busy security company, you are looking for someone to fill a position in the RST of a job that is ongoing – (posts like this are very rarely advertised, these vacancies are normally filled from CV’s that are ‘on file’) how do you get yourself on file? You as personnel manager get anything from 1-10 CV’s a week how do you decide who to put on file? Well it’s pretty easy really as most of the CV’s that you receive do not come with a covering letter you discard those straight away no matter how good the CV looks. It’s rude just to send a CV without introducing yourself and shows you up as a rude amateur.

A: It’s just from myself. I have always wanted to do it for me. I never wanted to do anything in my life related to my martial arts just to prove something to someone else or for someone else; I will only do it if I want to. Because I am a driven and motivated person, I have always achieved my goals. I said I would have a cage fight, and I have had one. Now I am training for another one. I will do it because I want to. People don’t force me to do things that I don’t want to because it is not a good mentality through which to live your life.

J) Do not sign any empty records. Even if it takes you a few hours to fill-up the form, please do so. Do not leave anything for the professional to fill-up.

To supplement your bodyguard courses you could also do a bodyguard company course. The Bay Area security guards training will make you even more employable and it will increase your confidence and competence.

Well, you’ll learn all of this and more by watching these videos. Just learning to disarm someone who has a gun is worth purchasing these DVDs. Being faced with someone holding a gun on you is one of the most frightening experiences that no one should have to deal with. But if you were faced with that situation, wouldn’t it be awesome to know that you could have the presence of mind to carry out what you have learned at just the right time, saving your life and possibly others?

That is why you should watch these videos, along with any other instructional fighting DVDs you can get hold of. You want an arsenal of information ready to be put to use, but you also want to be sure it is organized in your mind so you will know instantly what to do. Watch and practice, even it is by yourself. Close your eyes and imagine someone attacking you – from behind, from the side, big guy, mean guy. Just practice so that if that day ever comes, you’ll be ready.

Being a bodyguard has totally changed my life. It gives me a real sense of worth and importance. There are not many jobs that you can do that make the difference between life and death.

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Three Steps To Selecting A Handgun For Close Protection

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